Watchlist 5/1/17

Watchlist 5/1/17



When trading stocks make sure the volume is above the 10 day average, simply look up a stock quote.


OHGI – I’m interested in seeing how it reacts from these three price points 2.20, 2.80, and 1.57,



THC – Best price to short on the intraday chart is 17.70 when it comes to the daily the best price to short is @ 21.77


MTBC – Is having a short-term trend where it partially closes the gap then has a reversal, set price alerts for below $1.42  and below 1.30


ASPS – Gap Close 22.09 expecting a reversal once it hits this level, bullish.


CCCR – Expecting the gap from 2.07 to fill within a  few weeks, try shorting major resistance @ 2.70 or the best level @ 3.20


AUPH – I’m bearish and interested in shorting into the price channel from 7.70 – 7.80 with a 15 cent stop loss, price target 7.10


Stock Symbol: OCN

Type: Short

Reaction: Once OCN is trading @ 3.30s short after it has a pullback from 3.30s

Ideal Entry: 3.20

Price Target: 2.90

Stop Loss: 3.30

Set A Price Alert: above 3.25

Notes: The gap breakdown is @ 2.80 once it cracks it’ll crash to 2.40s in a few days.


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