Watchlist 2/9/17

Watchlist 2/9/17

Good Morning!

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Enjoy the watchlist!

JAGX – My most confident trade idea in the watchlist, I’ll have my shares reserved early in the morning to short. Here is what you need to know JAGX had a massive gap up in after hours from $0.68 the after hours high was $1.17 whenever JAGX has a gap up it’s known for having a morning spike and then closing very weak losing 50-75% of its day gains. I’m interested in shorting major resistance early in the morning ideally $1.53 the HOD is expected to be early in the morning so all I have to do is get an entry close to the HOD and from there the stock is expected to close very weak & has the potential to have a red day on Friday which is the icing on the cake.

GALE – Gap Breakout @ $0.87 make sure you buy this breakout as soon as $0.87 breaks, ideal entry $0.89-$0.91 set a stop loss @ $$0.85 and hold with ease expecting to make a 15-30% win. GALE is known for having a strong gap breakout so don’t miss out on this one, I have price alerts set for it.

MYGN – Expecting the gap from $15.38 to fill by Friday. Short the key breakdown @ $16.35 and hold with ease as the gap will fill. If $16.35 doesn’t crack try shorting the major resistance @ 17.50

DRYS – Heavy support @ $3.84 Once it cracks expect a crash to $3.23 very ideal to short the key breakdown @ $3.80 with a 20 cent stop. If you see a bounce off $3.90s try buying the breakout @ $4 and expect to make 40 cents a share use a 15 cent stop.

BNTC – I’m patiently waiting for the gap from $3.75 to fill once it fills I’ll be short biased and expect a gap close reversal, very ideal to short @ $3.70 with a 30 cent stop and hold with ease / look to cover @ $3.10

TDW – Gap breakout @ $1.78 once it breaks buy the breakout ideally no higher than $1.81 and expect to sell @ $1.95 I expect a gap close reversal @ $2



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