Watchlist 2/8

Watchlist 2/8

Good Morning!

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Enjoy the watchlist!

The best ideas from the watchlist are SABR, PIP, TGH and DRYS

Other stocks to watch GALE, PULM, CNAT, CXRX, GLBS, CERU, DRAM, RGSE, TGH

SABR – Interested in buying for a mid-term swing trade, SABR is known for filling the gap overtime the best levels of support to buy from are $21.50 & $21.90 Key breakout $22.30 Gap Breakout $23.43 I’m bullish and expect the gap from $24.50 to fill within a few weeks, Once the gap closes from $24.50 I’m short biased very ideal to short @ $24.50 I just gave you quite a few trade ideas be sure to keep track of them as I tell my students previous watchlist still matter.

PIP – The gap breakout is $1.47 once it breaks buy the breakout ideally @ $1.52 and hold with ease expecting to make 10-20%

ACUR – Best level to short is $1.40 use a 10 cent stop and expect to make 30 cents a share, key breakdown is $1.20 once it cracks expect a crash to $1

DRYS – In 1-2 weeks this will be trading @ $2.50 #GapFillStrategy PKey breakdown once $4.30 cracks expect a drop to $4 which is heavy support once $4 cracks it’ll crash to $3.23 once $3.23 cracks the gap from $2.50 will fill.

ASYS – Best levels to short are $6.10 & $6.35 use 15 cent stops and expect to make 40 cents a share.

TGH – The bears are in complete control mid-term PT $10.50 #GapFillStrategy if you can’t shortsell it look into put options.


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