Watchlist 2/6/2017

Watchlist 2/6/2017

Enjoy the watchlist

The best plays from the watchlist are expected to be BNTC, HBI, CERU, PULM

BNTC – The best idea in the watchlist & a must watch for this week plenty of opportunity. Gap close support @ $2.52 once it cracks the bears will be in complete control and crush this to $1.50s I’m bullish this week, On friday BNTC bottomed @ $2.45 slightly cracked gap close support and bounced back nicely to $2.70s the key breakout to buy is $2.70 but only ideal if the volume is above 1M The best level of support is $2.52 ideal to dip buy with a 7 cent stop loss. BNTC has been filling gaps lately and has a high chance of filling the gap from $3.75 overtime once the gap closes I will be (bearish) short biased, once $2.52 cracks I will be (bearish) short biased.

HBI – Gap Close Support $18.99 very ideal to buy at this level with a 20 cent stop loss, the bears will take control once $18.99 cracks. I think this is a great buying opportunity so there’s two places to buy the best level which is $19 you would be buying into the consolidation, if you choose to wait you’ll end up buying the bounce but no higher than $18.70 expect to make $1 a share from your entry and use a 20 cent stop loss your risk/reward ratio would be 5 Become short biased once $18.90 cracks if you decide to short the key breakdown have a stop @ $19.10

CERU – I’m bearish expecting the gap from $0.93 to fill this week. The best resistance level to short is $1.55 key breakdown is $1.40 once it cracks expect aa crash to $1.10 which is heavy support once $1.10 cracks the gap will fill from $0.93

ADHD – Gap breakout @ $1.42 ideal to buy the breakout if the volume is above 700K

PULM – #GapFillStrategy expecting a crash to $2.13 this week short sell with ease,  Key breakdown $4 or short the resistance @ $4.50

DMTX – Don’t buy the dip only try buying the $2 breakout if the volume is over 600K and use a 10 cent stop loss.

CALA – The bulls remain in control as it’s consistently reaching for new highs when this happens I be very careful short selling and only choose the best levels. I’ll become short biased once we sit $10.60s and I’m not interested in buying due to it being over extended.. This is more of a mid-term idea, I set the price alerts on my scanner.



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