Watchlist 1/30/17

Watchlist 1/30/17

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PULM – Heavy resistance @ $3.50 and $3.90 the best price to short is @ $3.90 with a 20 cent stop. Since 1/26 the pattern has been an instant morning spike, i’m not interested in buying the $3.50 breakout. I’d would only be willing to buy the $2.90 dip with a 20 cent stop loss and expect to sell @ $3.30 or short @ $3.90

ATHX – Gap breakout @ $1.15 ideal to buy with a 5 cent stop. If you get stopped out look to dip buy @ $1 with a tight stop.

TDW – Gap to fill @ $2.48 In hindsight I’m bearish.. If you decide to short sell once the gap closes have a stop @ $2.60 and expect to cover @ $2.30 the bulls will take control with volume over 2M with a breakout past $2.58

TGH – For those of you option traders look into leap options as I expect this to crash to $10.45 in a few months, If you’re not interested in longterm options I will let you know when I think it will crash for the short-term. Be careful for the short-term being the bulls are in control once you see $14.30 crack short the breakdown and expect to make $0.70 a share use a 25 cent stop. The best resistance level to short is $15.50

SSH – Ideal to dip buy $5.60s with a 20 cent stop loss your goal should be to make 40-60 cents a share. Watch for the 10 day avg volume breakout above 600K very interested in a volume / price breakout.

AUPH – Gap to fill @ $3.05 I’m bearish and expect it to fill early this week,  Key breakdown to short is $3.20 have a stop  @ $3.30 once the gap closes I will make another prediction.

CBIO – When the volume is above 600K I’m very interested in buying a price/volume breakout.

PZE – Closed a gap @ 9.20 expecting a gap close reversal once $9.20 cracks I’m bearish the best price to short is $9.40 with a 20 cent stop or you can try shorting the key breakdown @ $9.20 use 30 cent stops and expect to make 60 cents a share. I will be keeping a close eye on PZE and TGH both will crash big in the mid term.


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