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$4.95 per trade, up to 1000 shares, $0.00495 per share after. If you contact SureTrader they will up the limit to 10,000, $0.00495 per share after.

Required Initial Deposit:


Trade Execution:

Quick execution, my only complaint with Suretrader is sometimes my order gets partially filled which can be annoying, you’re not charged if the order fills of the remaining shares left, as long as you keep the order open.

Suretrader Activeweb

Customer Service:

At first the customer service was great for me, I didn’t have a problem getting my questions answered through live help, they also helped me allocate hard to borrow shares that weren’t available on the platform for a hard to borrow fee, They’ve been very helpful, but only when they respond, lately I haven’t even been able to contact Suretrader through live help, I wouldn’t bother calling them, you’ll be disappointed trust me. As of now the only way Suretrader gets back to me is through email which is a slow process 1-2 days. I’m not sure if others experienced this problem, just don’t expect top of the line customer service from Suretrader.

I have two ratings for Suretrader:

3 out of 5 stars when they respond to you in Live Help, they are very helpful and informative.

2 out of 5 stars on their reliability factor, don’t expect them to be there for you.

Demo Account:

SureTrader allows you to paper trade with a virtual account funded with $100K, Please note it’s only active for 7 days, Great platform my only complaints is there charting, If you choose SureTrader as your broker you’ll have to pay $49/month to use their pro platform, the web platform is free. Click here to get your paper trading account.

My experience:

SureTrader is the only broker that lets you break the PDT rule, What’s the PDT rule?

If you make 4 day trades in five trading days, you’ll be flagged as a pattern day trader, While you’re a pattern day trader, you won’t be allowed to make any day trades, note that this restriction only applies to accounts under $25,000. I would only recommend SureTrader if you have a small account and looking to break the PDT rule, or want 6:1 leverage, If you want to short-sell stocks and have a small account, SureTrader or Etrade is pretty much your only options, SureTrader has a short-list of over 10,000 symbols.

The biggest cons I found when using SureTrader as a broker were, when placing an order “partial fills” sometimes with an order of just 500 shares I would be partially filled, and their customer service isn’t reliable but sure is helpful when they’re there. The fees aren’t expensive if you have a small account, if your trading under 2,000 shares expect the fees to be from $15-$23 round trip, which is the same as Etrade or TD Ameritrade, The fee that hurts traders the most is ECN fees, this isn’t the exact amount but is the best estimation, expect to be charged $3 per 1,000 shares traded, So if you buy 1K UGAZ at $10 then sell your position you’ll be charged $6 for the ECN fees round trip, then $4.95 per trade, which is $10 round trip, so around $16 which isn’t bad. Every-time I have withdraw-ed money from my account it only took two days using SureTrader.

SureTrader Is best for:

-Small accounts

-Breaking the PDT rule (Unlimited day trades)

-6:1 Leverage (fund an account with $3K trade your allowed to trade with $18K)

-Short selling-list of over 10,000 symbol

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