Refund Policy


Refund policy: Our refund policy states that: while a member signs up they right now enjoy the information of the stats, analytics or from the newsletter leaders, we do not supply refunds. If you join up, plan on sticking around for the length of your time period. There are honestly no refunds inclusive of partial refunds for brand new promotional events or incorrect coupon code utilization in addition to in case you neglect billing recurs routinely each month or every area depending on the level of club you have. Our subscriptions are on an “auto renewal” system so one can robotically rate your card on every renewal time period.

There’s no refund if a member is discovered to be spamming other web sites, e mail addresses, and free e mail sign up pages or any such solicitation to join another service. All such issues shall be mentioned to us through the contact web page. Any member that solicits any other site or service through the web page or Supernova chat room shall have an account termination and not using a refund of unused cash.

To remove yourself from auto, renew and cancel your account, please use the “contact us” page. We ask that you request a termination no later than 3 complete commercial enterprise days before your renewal. Refunds crush my merchant repute and if you’re ever attempted to get a merchant to run an enterprise like I’m jogging, you completely apprehend how sensitive this relationship is. Your billing expiration date may be observed with the aid of observing of your begin date or emailing me inquiring for when your membership is up for renewal. Again, in case you forget about to shut your account before billing recurs, that is your honest caution there are no refunds.

Cancellation policy: As stated above, you have to provide 3 enterprise days be aware previous to your vehicle renewal for us to terminate you account and prevent any extra expenses. Please be advised that when you request a cancellation, in case you do no longer specify to have your account endured, your account might be terminated upon your cancellation request to save you any additional costs or misunderstandings. To contact us use the “contact us” link furnished above or click on right here now.

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