Part Time Trader Makes 110% Return In January Swing Trading Using My Strategy.

Part Time Trader Makes 110% Return In January Swing Trading Using My Strategy.

Part Time Trader Makes 110% Return In January Swing Trading Using My Strategy.

Welcoming everyone to the Mentor Program by Rafael Redondo

Where you will see the stock market in a whole different way, you will learn everything there is to know from entry points, sell, short, read the chart it is something other Guru won’t want you to learn.

As you’re reading this I know the stress and hardship you have been putting to be able to profit in the market, you ask yourself what am I doing wrong. Where you see yourself trading and looking at a chart running while you have your finger on the buy button but at the same time you’re questioning yourself “should I buy”. I know how it feels to spend so much money on learning materials from false guru, I know how it feels when you’re just buying because you got an alert or chasing an alert, I know how it feels to pay hundreds on a DVD and learn nothing.

I started with 3,500$ on Robinhood this is after I blew up my account twice following alerts. After, I was able to profit on STEM (if you remember) I move my account to Suretrader. But let me rewind on how I profit on STEM which was my most profitable day 1200$. I met Will on Stocktwits ( we all been there lol ) and I kept seen his profits, 5k here, 10k there I’m thinking how the hell is this guy making so much money, I wanted to know what he knows and how he was able to be that profitable. He started his own program which I didn’t hesitate as his price was way cheaper compare to other. Every video he upload I was watching during lunch at work or when I got home. I started analyzing every detail there is from his video. One win let to another, one loss let to learning your mistakes. So I was able to turn 3,500$ to $30k in about 3 to 4 months, which I cash out due to to personal finances I wanted to take care of and be done with, but now I have the freedom to start fresh and stress free.

After I cash out and was debt free, I wanted to show people how it’s possible to start with $3,500 or even less. I challenge myself to instead of going short I will play the long side which most will be swing trades. So here’s how I budget myself, I need a broker with good execute, low fee for the platform and not to expensive per trade. My decision came down to E*TRADE or Thinkorswim.

I choose Thinkorswim and the reason was because I was so custom to the chart I felt comfortable and feeling comfortable is a big deal while trading, another reason was the free platform which is great if you’re only trading 2 or 3 times a month all depends on the ticker time frame. I download the app for TOS to keep an eye on tickers moving and see my alert. Here’s how I prep my trades.

All my trades so far have been done with my iPhone 6plus I do carry my laptop so when I’m on break I can see if I can possibly do a daytrade but as I’m a manager most times I’m on the move so I will not daytrade on very fast moving tickers as I won’t have eyes on it, I do miss a lot of daytraders but patience is one of the biggest key to be successful. My scan starts at night I go thru ALL my tickers I saved on my App watchlist and find patterns I recognize, I don’t do scan on my TOS platform (only if I were to short) I need to see the indicators and the risk/reward needs to be there as well, if I do see some for the future I set an alert on my phone so when the price is reach I am alerted and I will re-look at the ticker. I also read the last 10Q SEC file and see when was the last offering as I won’t like to swing on a company that is in need of cash, the sooner the offering I have a better opportunity not to happen again.

I make my trade during my train ride to work I enter my position once is entered I immediately set an alert for where I would Take my SL and set multiple alert on the upside as well as I want to be kept on the alert on everything that is happening to my swing trade. I try to look for recent spikers as they tend spike again if the chart has no history of spiking I won’t swing them as the risk/reward is not ideal, not even to hold for so long and wait for 10c or even 20c. I’m willing to lose $100 but win 500$+ just an example. So far from Jan 6 to Jan 30 with an account of 3,500$ 5 trades 5 win currently up 110% 7,500$.

Now that you’re in the Mentor program put in 110% into, and I guarantee Will teachings is on another level. If I can make it with a full time job and Kids I know you can. Ask, learn and joy but most importantly analyze and listen. Enjoy!!!!!

I’ve been with Will since January 2016, if you have a question don’t hesitate to send me a message on twitter.

? Rafael Redondo aka @Raf_Red on twitter

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  1. ROD 4 years ago

    Nice write-up Rafael and congrats on your success…100% wins for the month. Great job and I trust Will can teach me to do the same.
    By the way, do you have a goal to leave your full time job anytime soon? That is certainly my goal, and hopefully sooner than later.
    I’m sure we will all get to know each other in Will’s mentor program. -Rod

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