Ivie Gasery Has Grown His Account 281% In Just One Week Using My Gap Breakout Strategy

Ivie Gasery Has Grown His Account 281% In Just One Week Using My Gap Breakout Strategy

Ivie Gasery has had his best week day trading using my “Gap Breakout Strategy” He was able to turn $2,450 into $6,890 in just one week with only two day trades.

Iv’e back-tested every breakout strategy:

• Bull Flag Breakouts

• Ascending Triangle Breakouts

• Reversal Breakouts

• Consolidation Breakouts

• Multi Day Runner Earnings Winner Breakouts

• Pre-Market High Breakout, Intraday Breakout, Multi-day breakout, Weekly breakout, Monthly Breakout, 3 Month Breakout, 52WK High Breakout, All Time High Breakout.

And I have found that the “Gap Breakout Strategy” is by far the best momentum breakout patter you could ever buy into and Leads to the biggest percentage returns in the shortest period of time.

Let’s take a look at the two trades that has grown his account 281% in just one week.

Symbol: STEM

Entry Date:  8/16/2016

Closed Date: Same Day As Entered 8/16/2016

Type: Long – Bought – Bullish

Shares: 3,500

Entry: $0.70

Exit: $2.22

Return Percentage: 217%

Profit: $5,350


Symbol: AMDA

Entry Date:  8/22/2016

Closed Date: Same Day As Entered 8/22/2016

Type: Long – Bought – Bullish

Shares: 7,000

Entry: $0.9848

Exit: $1.19

Return Percentage: 20.84%

Profit: $1,437


Ivie Gasery Testimonial:

Until I ran across you on Twitter. I specialized in turning small and large victories into major losses.
Buying at major resistance after a “gap” had already been filled or “miraculously” finding shares to short at confirmed long term support like an idiot. I wish that I had decided to get serious about trading again sooner. I fractured my ankle at work in May of 2015 and will probably be back at work in 2 to 3 months. So my trading will be very limited. I started in February of this year with $10,500 and slowly turned it into roughly $3,000 Once I performed that bit of magic as a solo act I started paying close attention to you and the gap fill strategy and looking for low float confirmed breakouts that have a gap to fill and selectively sniping those. As I said in the chatroom my investment in your premium membership has returned 1,200%. Just finished setting up shop on twitter it is @IGtwitta . It’s a little confusing but I’ll get the hang of it. Twitter https://twitter.com/IGtwitta




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