$9.99 /trade not an ideal choice for investors seeking discounted commissions.

Trading Platform:

ETrade has long been one of the most popular online brokers, largely because of its easy-to-navigate online experience on both its website and mobile app.

ETrade Pro platform requires 30 trades per quarter or $250,0000 in assets to access, click here to explore the platform tutorial.

Trade Execution:

Lighting speed executions, which is a huge advantage when trading, click here to learn about their execution speed.

Etrade Pro


Etrade is best for:

-Mobile App

Etrade Pro Platform

-Trading cheap stocks, and great OTC executions

-Short selling Nasdaq stocks ranging from $3-$10

-Trade execution

-Customer service

My Experience:

I’ve had a great experience using E*TRADE mainly for getting fast executions, they also have a variety of stocks to short mainly between $3-$10 If you’re looking for a short selling broker E*TRADE is helpful with finding hard to borrows on Nasdaq stocks, SureTrader or Etrade are the best brokers for small-accounts who want to short sell stocks.

I highly recommend Etrade, Now If you want to trade sub-penny stocks or anything even remotely cheap, you need a broker that won’t eat you alive with routing fees and commissions. Speedtrader and E*TRADE don’t charge on a per-share basis for their routes, which helps keeps fees cheap and under control. E*TRADE won’t let you pick specific routes, so that definitely limits your ability to get your order filled sometimes, but over all they have fast executions.

Customer Service:

In this year’s 2016 Broker Review, I’ve found ETRADE’s customer service improved over last year. The company’s customer service is very good, but it’s not award winning. The highlight for ETRADE is its phone support, Email support and live chat. Overall Rating 5/5


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