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I do realize this is being sent out late today, wanted to give all interested traders an idea of the quality we detailed provide.

AUPH –  After sending a 19 minute video on September 26th to all my followers on why I thought AUPH would be my best investment buying @ $2.40s and to fill the gap just three days later the gap has nearly filled, If you want to see the video for yourself simply search these terms in YouTube: Will Karaman AUPH. I strongly believe AUPH will have a morning spike, the key breakouts are $3.10 to $3.44  to $3.60 once all of those break this should run to $4.08, my goal is to sell into the spike, If AUPH doesn’t spike by 9:32am it will most likely crash to $2.87 which is the most important level of support If $2.87 holds the bulls remain in control if not the gap from $2.60 will begin to fill as bears take control. My goal is to sell into the morning spike mid $3s, I’m willing to hold if AUPH doesn’t spike just keep in mind if $2.87 cracks I’m selling my shares low $2.80s ideally, If AUPH spikes I’m selling my shares into the spike not trying to predict the top, the highest I see this going today is $4.08, and also my prediction for the close is for AUPH to close 15% below it’s high of day gains, this isn’t a stock to have high expectations for at the current price. When I say “I’m selling my shares” doesn’t mean I’ll Actually sell my shares there or get executed at that price it’s simply my plan and the safest way to play it, sometimes I break my rules and go against my plan all trades are alerted real-time.

THLD – The news no longer matters if you’re a trader as the stock price has already reacted news only remains relevant to investors, now that we got that out of the way NVAX, ITCI, DVAX are some recent stocks that spiked at open after a massive gap down, that doesn’t mean THLD but knowing this I’ll be watching to buy the breakout. The key breakout is $0.45 once it breaks expect a run to $0.52 once $0.52 breaks $0.63 once that breaks $0.85 after going back into the 20 year chart history I found that THLD bottomed at $0.21 in 2008, as for 2016 THLD has bottomed out @ $0.21, and as for the bottom of today in after hours it’s at $0.36 after it bottomed it ran to $0.42 I’m interested in doing two things, #1 Buying the lowest breakout I can at market open or premarket $0.45 ideally or $0.52 #2 buying the ideal support @ $0.36 with a tight stop loss, if $0.36 cracks I’ll then be looking for a triple bottom @ $0.21 which is the best buying opportunity if it were to crack. I like the technical for the longterm, now I have to do an analysis on the annual report this weekend to determine if this will be going in my longterm portfolio.

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